Home Floor and Office Floor Cleaning in Kenya

6 Home and Office Floor Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Floors Shining

Most homes and offices in Kenya have the same type of floors. Offices have invested in home-like floors to encourage cleanliness and give customers the feeling of a homely environment.

Regardless of the material used to make them, all floors need proper cleaning and maintenance. Well maintained floors are appealing and, if cleaned appropriately, they are durable.

Here are six home and office floor cleaning tips that will give good care of your floor:

  1. Hardwood floors - Use Little Water to Avoid Cracking

    Hardwood floors are popularly used in homes and offices across Kenya. Wooden floors enhance the aesthetics of your home or office and need to be properly maintained and cleaned. When cleaning wooden floors, use minimum amount of water to mop your floor as too much water will expand the wood leading to cracks.

    A well maintained wooden floor can sustain a vanish for a decade. However, using cleaning solutions with alkaline, ammonia or oil-based soaps can make it hard to apply vanish to your home or office floor.

    If getting wood-friendly solutions becomes a challenge, you can opt to get a professional cleaning company like Smart Touch Cleaning Services to clean your home or office wooden floors.

  2. Use vinegar for your tile floors

    Vinegar is known for having many benefits including giving your tiled floor shiny and clean surface. It’s an affordable way to give your tiled home or office floor a sparkle. A cup of vinegar is added into a gallon of home made cleaning solution and wouldn’t need a second rinse. Vinegar is corrosive when used on stone flooring material and should never be used on stone floors.
  3. Remember to dust before mopping

    For easier mopping, it is always important to dust or sweep the floor. Mopping on its own does not lift dirt and grit from the floor; they spread around the floor leaving it as dirty as it was before mopping. A broom with soft bristles is best to use to avoid scratches and give you a clean and shiny floor.

  4. Clean Grout and Remove Mildew

    When cleaning tiled floors, dust and dirt tend to stick in the grout between the tiles. Heavy-duty cleaner along with special grout brush can be used to remove old grout with heavy stains from tiled home and office floors. It is also advised that you use bleach to help remove stains.

    Mildew can grow on home or office floor tiles if the floor is left wet or is not dried properly. Chlorine bleach and water can be used to remove the mildew. Tiled floors should always be left dry.
  5. Use a doormat

    Door mats are useful both in homes and in offices as they help to reduce the amount of dirt that gets on your floor. Keep doormats at every entry way of the home or office.
  6. Have general cleaning on a regular basis

    Regular thorough general cleaning routine can certainly erase tough stains and dirt that buildup on your home or office floors. It may seem hectic and tiring but this is one of the best tips to keep your floors clean and durable.


A clean floor is important for any home or office. Cleaning your home or office floor regularly ensures it lasts longer and stays beautiful. Make sure you choose the right cleaning detergents or solutions for your type of office floors.

If you need a professional cleaning company to do your cleaning, contact us today. We will be happy to return the sparkle to your floor. We also offer a variety of other cleaning services for homes and offices in Kenya.

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