Mattress Cleaning Services for Homes, Lodges and Hotels

Mattress Cleaning Services for Homes and Hotels

Time to clean out all the dirt from your homes starting with your mattresses! Just changing sheets doesn’t get rid of bacteria and dust, call us and we will professionally remove all these harmful agents and get you ready for sleeping well through-out the year!

Smart Touch cleaning services has been cleaning and educating existing clients for over 7 years about the need to have mattresses cleaned regularly. This service helps to offset many unwanted health problems. Because our bodies’ skin cells dye off at night time and rebuild during the day, you can imagine how much particles can accumulate on bed sheets and mattresses. So cleaning them regularly is vital.

Do you suffer from allergic complaints such as:

  • Itching or skin problems
  • Sneezing
  • Blocked nose

Mattresses are one of the most unhygienic items in the home, with each one containing millions of dust mites and there excrement, dead skin flakes, bacteria and molds.

This can trigger the symptoms of asthma, eczema and other allergies. This can cause irritable sleep.

Some main signs of house dust mites allergies are itchiness, sneezing, inflamed or infected eczema, water/reddening eyes, runny nose and clogging in the lungs. Experts even say that treating a mattress with hot steam is the best way to kill bedbugs or keep them at bay. We can also remove blood, urine, mouldy smells and wine stains. This is the correct method to properly clean and sanitize mattresses.

We service mattress return claims and can provide you with a clearance statement verifying that the mattress has been properly cleaned and sanitized.

Here are some benefits for you:

  • It will penetrate deep into mattresses, furniture and other surfaces.
  • Kills all contaminates instantly on contact and then is extracted out.
  • The mattress is dry when we are done and we use no chemicals.
  • Sanitize and clean everything in the house and gets into crevices where bedbugs, lice, and dust mites hide.
  • Our system can remove dirt and stains.
  • Mites, bed bugs and there eggs are killed instantly.
  • Leaves the mattress feeling fresh.
  • We offer discounts for multiple bed

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At Smart Touch Cleaning Services, we offer excellent cleaning services and exceptional customer care. We offer flexible scheduling to cater for the needs of your home, apartment or office

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