Office Cleaning Services in Kenya

Office Cleaning Services in Kenya

At Smart Touch Cleaning Services, we strive to give your business the clean space it deserves. We achieve this by providing a wide range of office cleaning services that are convenient and less time-consuming. The services include floor cleaning, scrubbing and polishing services, office carpet cleaning services, office sofa set and furniture cleaning services, office washroom cleaning services, office curtains and window cleaning services, and pest control and fumigation services.

Office Floor Cleaning Services

When it comes to floor cleaning services, we are considered among the top in the country. This is because we put into consideration the different types of floors. We have expertly trained professionals who can work on any floor type, which include tile floor, terrazzo, ceramic, marble, and even wooden floors. We give your floors the expert care that they need by working with the latest cleaning technologies and top brand cleaning products. Our polishing services are also guaranteed to leave your floors with a lasting sheen to it. Most floors need regular maintenance; hence, we have different cleaning packages that suit your specific need as a client.

Office Sofa Set and Furniture Cleaning Services

Office furniture tends to pick dust and furniture because of the traffic in and out of the office. Therefore, regular cleaning of office furniture is necessary for it to maintain a clean state. We offer a deep cleaning service that gets all the stains, dirt, and dust out, leaving your sofa set and office furniture sparkling clean. As our other cleaning services, we are conversant with the latest cleaning technologies, and we always use top brand cleaning products that are safe and eco-friendly. This service also entails furniture cleaning. Office cabinets, shelves, desks, and chairs are guaranteed a thorough wipe down. We also polish some of the wooden furniture, leaving them at their best possible state.

Office Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning services are the best in Kenya. We offer a variety of professional carpet cleaning that best suits your office's needs. They include dry powder (this is the most recommended method since it does not use water), shampoo cleaning, foam cleaning, and steam cleaning. All these methods are sufficient and suitable for office space since they are less time consuming and use minimal water. All our staff is highly trained and competent in using the latest carpet cleaning technology.

Office Curtain and Window Cleaning Services

Our office windows, curtains and blinds cleaning services include interior and exterior window cleaning, window track cleaning, and blind and shutters cleaning. We also provide services to high-rise buildings since our cleaners are highly trained in procedures that involve height. Our services are guaranteed to give your office crystal clear windows. We also specialize in curtain cleaning. The products we use are dependent on your curtain fabric. With our unique washing techniques, your curtains will clean and bright in no time, giving your office a clean and fresh atmosphere that you so desire.

Office Washroom Cleaning Services

We have professional cleaners that have specialized in removing stains from washroom floors, sinks, and toilet bowls. Their expert skills will leave your washrooms bright and smelling fresh.

Office Fumigation and Pest Control Services

We have pest control and fumigation services that will help get rid of those pesky pests causing havoc on your business. The fumigation service also eliminates insects like bedbugs that might be hiding in your office furniture. The products and methods that we use are safe and pose no threats to human life.

We guarantee great service All our cleaning services are tailor-made to fit a client’s specific needs. Our office cleaning services are professional and are guaranteed to give you the desired results. Get in touch for more information on the services mentioned above. You can also request for a quotation.


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